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We often talk about being intuitive as if there’s just one type of ability. But if parapsychology has shown us anything, it’s that psi abilities cannot be tested or determined using one method. Each of us has unique, sometimes overlapping abilities.

According to Sherrie Dillard, there are 4 psychic “types.”  As you read each description below, consider whether those traits or experiences apply to you. For a detailed quiz...

September 23, 2018

 The HMS Assistance

"It was a dark and stormy night. We were standing on the deck. The ship was sinking..." (Remy Charlip, Reprinted 2010).  Yes, this is a tale of storms and a shipwreck, of death and its aftermath. So come with me back to late December 1983, to Sandy Hook, New Jersey, a unit of the National Park Service (Gateway National Recreation Area), for another tale in the Haunted National Park Service series.


September 1, 2018

First Encounter with Spirit

I thought it would be most appropriate to launch my new Haunted National Parks blog series with my first encounter with spirit, which also coincided with my first job in a unit of the National Park System (NPS). This haunt took place toward the end of December 1977. I was just 20 years old, working in my first "real" job (as a work study student) and was offered temporary housing in the Fort Hancock Officer’s Club...

March 9, 2018

So many times I see lists of "intuition exercises" that include meditation. But is meditation really an exercise to improve your intuitive development? In short, no.  Let's explore the reason so many recommend meditation and also why it is NOT an exercise in developing your intuition!

Most of us are aware that some great science has been done that supports the many benefits of meditation –decreasing stress and pain, improving our immune...

January 16, 2016

I will be posting to this blog to share information, insights, and recommendations regarding ongoing investigations, intuitive insights, or information of interest in the field of applied intuition. I hope to engage you in a conversation in the near future!




Dr. Carol A. Pollio

Lead Investigator

June 7, 2015

As an Intuitive Investigator, it is essential to practice and hone one's skills. One way I do that is to focus energy on a cold case or incident in the news and open my mind to new information about that case or incident. 


In September of 2014, a case really caught my attention - I was drawn immediately to it. Missing children cases are always difficult, but this one was unusual because the mother, Catherine Hoggle, at first agreed to tell...