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June 1, 2019

In my experience, intuition can be challenging to identify, especially when you're just beginning your development process. Below I've compiled 10 of the key characteristics of intuition to help you better understand and recognize that inner voice, feeling, emotion, symbol, image, or knowing that you experience and that we call intuition.

Intuition is...

  1. Calm, Non-emotional

    1. Example: As you leave for work, a gentle “go the back way...

February 8, 2019

Sometimes, try as we might, we run into a period when we feel our progress developing our psychic abilities gets “stuck.” How can we un-stick it?

Below are some more blocks you might be experiencing and some advice to help you remove them so that you get back on track!

1. Spending too much time in your Left brain. Psychic information is most often received telepathically via the right or creative side of the brain. Spending too much of...

December 6, 2018

Each of us is born with intuitive or psychic abilities, but often, especially as we grow older, these abilities seem to diminish, occurring less frequently or not at all. Is this natural, or is there something we are doing (or not doing) that causes it?

Below are some things that may be filtering or blocking intuitive messages or insights from reaching your conscious mind.

Surrounding yourself with negative people or energy. When we have to d...