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What happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

If you’re like most people, when Malaysia Flight 370 lost communication on March 7, 2014, you may have thought that in a few hours, the evidence would be found that it had crashed into the South China Sea. But not me. Instead, I began to focus on the flight and began to feel very differently about it than most. Finding a missing plane would seem to be very easy – after all, there are black boxes, communication towers, and satellites to help. And that’s why it should have been found fairly quickly. But it wasn’t. Why?

I’m not going to espouse some weird conspiracy theory here. I am going to share my thoughts and insights into what I think happened. Someday, perhaps we’ll know for sure. In the meantime, here are my thoughts.

Upon hearing the news, I closed my eyes and focused my thoughts on the flight. Where was it? Early on, I felt strongly that it was still in the air. I did not see it crashing. As the hours went by, I still felt the energy of the plane and its passengers. The flight was still in progress, but it was on a different path.

The next morning, I focused in again. I saw a dirt landing strip, tall grass and shrubs blowing at the edges, and people being deplaned. At that time, the people seemed to know they were in some danger, but still had hope that their ordeal would be over soon. I saw a hanger or low building and the passengers were being directed to enter it. It was the only structure there and it seemed very old or in poor repair. The landing strip was wide, with a reddish well packed soil, and the sun was very bright – a hot, tropical sun.

As the days passed, I periodically focused in and envisioned the passengers sitting on a cement floor inside the structure. Things seemed to not be going well and the feeling that their purpose had ended kept coming to me. The last time I focused in on them, I felt they were gone. I envisioned them being killed through gunfire or quickly as a group. I didn’t feel that any of them were alive, with one exception.

It seemed that in my envisioning of the incident, I understood that this incident was to cover up someone of wealth or power’s disappearance. That the aircraft disappearance was a way for them to disappear and be assumed dead. Landing in a remote part of India or China, I’m not sure which. But it does feel like an elaborate plan to deceive; one that could only have been orchestrated by someone with access to money and connections.

As I said, I don’t “do” conspiracy theories. Instead, I simply tune in and use my professional intuitive skills to gain insight into a situation. It is the same gift that has allowed me to find lost objects or find new clues in stalled investigations.

What did happen to Flight 370? We may never know. But if you find yourself with a difficult or challenging situation, consider whether my intuitive insight could help or provide you with some additional insights of your own.

Lead Investigator

Intuitive Investigations

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