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About us

Intuitive Investigations® has been providing insight and advice on challenging life decisions, career/professional development, cold cases, and lost or missing items since 1999. During 2008, the business grew to include investigative consulting services. In 2010, these services were consolidated into a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), serving Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Delaware. Today, these services are available both in person, as they have been in the past, and online.


Dr. Carol A. Pollio, founder of Intuitive Investigations® and currently Director/Lead Investigator, realized her abilities as a clairvoyant as a pre-teen. As is often the case, she struggled with the influx of psychic information from those around her and the spirit world, ultimately deciding to push those abilities aside to pursue a career in science. Despite her efforts to downplay her abilities, visions and premonitions continued to make their way into her life. Over the years, those experiences prompted her to begin investigating the paranormal and tapping into her clairvoyance by providing insightful personal readings for family and friends.

Photo:  Director and Lead Investigator

Dr. Carol A. Pollio

Today, Dr. Pollio has retired from 3 careers (38 years as an environmental scientist, 34 years as a member of the US Coast Guard Reserve-retired 06/CAPT, and 20 years as a Professor in academia) to focus entirely on investigating paranormal activity and cold cases, and sharing her gifts through personal intuitive readings and coaching sessions.  Her unique blend of psychic and mediumship abilities, investigative skills, and scientific expertise combine to make her a powerful, insightful, and highly sought after investigator and spiritual medium.


Reverend Pollio is also an Ordained Minister, Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, and Shamanic Life Coach, performing weddings, house blessings, and clearings, as well as providing life coaching and shamanic healing services. As Dr. Pollio's abilities continue to evolve and as the science of paranormal research advances, the services we are able to provide our clients also continues to grow every day. 


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