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Haunted History: The Old Georgetown Fire House

The Old Fire House was first constructed in 1904 on the rear side of the old jail on South Race Street, between Market Street and "Tincup Alley" in Georgetown, Delaware. In 1926, a larger structure was needed, so the Old Fire House was moved out to the edge of town on Route 113. Both sides of the building were added onto and the building became a Southern States Feed Store.

In 2006, the structure was slated for demolition to make way for new construction. The Historic Georgetown Association had the building moved to its current location near the Georgetown Train Station. The Old Fire House was restored by the Association and now displays information about Georgetown's "Local 77" firefighters and officers, including of list of all of them from 1904 to present.

Because of the history of moving the building and its renovation, it was unlikely that spirit activity would be associated with it, however, there is always the opportunity for "drop-in" spirits to present themselves. In this case, that is exactly what I found when I investigated this site in April 2022.

During a pendulum session, a 26-year-old female present between 1970-1980. There were some challenges, however, because this Spirit admitted at one point to telling us what we wanted to hear, as she had responded positively to being white, black, and Native American. The activity on the K-II meter was constant and significant, so it was clear that there was spirit energy there. This female also indicated that she was connected not to the Fire House but to the land there and that she had passed as a result of a suicide attempt, possibly in a vehicle accident.

The Spirit Box session was also quite active, with the responses indicating that the female present had never been in trouble or arrested, had attended college, felt she had a bad life, and that she wanted to get word to her parents that she was okay. The names "Russ" and "Stanton" were heard and she indicated that she had been depressed ("I hated it."). I have been unable to verify the names with death records in the area. This may be a case of a drop-in spirit giving answers or misdirecting us - more investigation will be needed.


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