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Using Crystals (Apache Tears) for Ancestral Work

Need the perfect crystal for ancestral healing work? I recommend Apache tears.

Apache Tears are a combination of black obsidian with rhyolite, a silica-rich glassy volcanic rock. Although in reflected light they appear black and opaque, they can be translucent in transmitted light.

They are found around Arizona and Nevada, where legend says that in the 1870s the Apache Nations' wives and children cried when they heard of the loss of their warriors, and their tears turned into stone upon hitting the ground. Johnny Cash sings of this stone of grief and loss.

This stone also helps connect to the Earth Star Chakra below the Root Chakra, the Root, Sacral, and the Heart chakra. This is a grounding and very protective stone, helping to repel any negative energies.

This stone is especially good for assisting in past life healing and releasing ancestral and family lineage patterns of abuse, negativity, hatred, or fear, bringing inner peace and healing for past, present and future generations.

Here is a prayer that can be said when using this stone:


In humility and gratitude, we come before you seeking ancestral healing for our emotional well-being. We acknowledge the emotional struggles that have been passed down through generations and ask for your guidance in breaking free from any patterns of pain or suffering.

Grant us the strength to release the emotional burdens carried by our forebears. We seek your wisdom in understanding the root causes of any emotional challenges within our family history. Bless us with the courage to confront and heal the wounds that linger in our hearts.

We ask for your protection as we navigate the intricate landscape of our emotions. Shield us from negativity and empower us to make choices that lead to emotional balance and peace. May the healing love of our ancestors surround us, providing solace and comfort.

We give thanks for the emotional resilience and compassion passed down from our ancestors. May their healing love continue to guide and support us on our journey to emotional well-being.


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