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Where are the Hoggle (Turner) children?

As an Intuitive Investigator, it is essential to practice and hone one's skills. One way I do that is to focus energy on a cold case or incident in the news and open my mind to new information about that case or incident.

In September of 2014, a case really caught my attention - I was drawn immediately to it. Missing children cases are always difficult, but this one was unusual because the mother, Catherine Hoggle, at first agreed to tell her husband Troy Turner of the children's whereabouts, but then refused. She was later deemed incompetent due to mental illness.

As this story first unfolded, it was everywhere in our local news and it was clear everyone was searching extensively for the children, Sarah (4) and Jacob (2). It was during this time that I focused in on the location and energies of the children.

Immediately, an image came to mind and I began to draw it on a nearby pad of paper. I saw large granite blocks, an arch with a keystone, and water. As I drew the image that I had seen, I felt it was very familiar to me and I recognized it as a familiar bridge. I also felt for the energy of the two children, and I saw them bundled tightly in some kind of cloth and felt that they had been with their mother near this bridge. I could not sense any life energy for either of them - the visual I had had of the cloth they were wrapped in was also an indication that they were not alive, as it covered them completely. I felt an overwhelming sadness for these two young ones and while I hoped they were still with us, I could not feel them.

I went online and looked for the name o​f the bridge, which I realized once I started looking at images, was the Arlington Memorial Bridge - the edge of which I drive under most days on my way to work.

It is a beautiful bridge, with memorable bronze statues at either end. But it is no place for such a painful ending to this story. One of the statues, "Sacrifice" (pictured below) includes a man holding a small child, with a woman standing and turning to look back and past them.

Sadly, it is now June 2015 and neither the children, nor any evidence of them has been found. The family still searches for them (

My thoughts and prayers go out to them and I hope they find peace soon.

With hope for peace and resolution,


Lead Investigator

Intuitive Investigations

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