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Orbs, Schmorbs!

There are lots of theories about capturing orbs or other light phenomenon with cameras – from the typical dust mote explanation to more complex camera lens reflection idea. I don’t know which, if any, explanation makes sense, or if none of them do (as in, perhaps spirit can manipulate light, so we could all be wrong). I can share some photos and see what you all think.

All of the photos were taken at Fort Delaware in the State of Delaware during a paranormal tour. The first is a photo directly overhead – the ceiling of this passageway is brick. The picture taken a few seconds earlier has many orbs, while the second photo has very few. Orbs or dust motes?

Ft Delaware Ceiling (Photo above)

The next photo is of a passageway at Fort Delaware and includes a variety of orbs – different colors and patterns. One is bright rainbow colors, another orange, and to the left of the orange orb, there is a very large rib-patterned pale white orb. Sure, they could be all dust motes, but the variety of colors and patterns suggests otherwise. Focusing in closely on the orange and pale white ribbed orbs is interesting – is there a face there? If you research the colors of orbs, some websites state that the color red or orange indicate a spirit that was a protector, while others say these colors are a sign of healing energy or even pain, either of which fit the history of Fort Delaware (more on that shortly).

Ft Delaware Passageway Orange Orb (Photo below)

This last photo is a bit odd and doesn’t qualify as a typical orb. I took a series of photos of the walls of the Fort from the outside in the dark. While I captured many pale white orbs, the fascinating object in the picture below was definitely worth further inspection. It is a glowing green object, which appears to have been moving when I captured it. There is no one else around, no other cameras or lights flashing – just a dark fall night and the flash of my camera. I must have taken 20 or 30 images in the same spot, but no others have this glowing green object in them!

Ft Delaware Exterior Wall Green Light (Photo below)

A Close-Up of the Green Light (Photo below)

The History of Fort Delaware – why it might be full of spirits!

Fort Delaware, located on Pea Patch Island (DE), was originally designed to serve as a coastal defense fort. Constructed between 1846 and 1868, the Fort was later turned into a prisoner-of-war camp during the Civil War, eventually holding roughly 33,000 prisoners at the war’s end. Of the prisoners held there, approximately 2500 died while on Pea Patch Island. That is a lot of potential misplaced spirit! Overall, 7.6 percent of all prisoners died there – many during the smallpox outbreak of 1863, while others died of inflammation of the lungs, diarrhea, Typhoid, drowning, malaria, scurvy, pneumonia, and gunshot wounds. Union soldiers (109) and civilians (40) also died there. So, it’s no surprise there is a lot of spirit activity at Fort Delaware!

I hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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