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Your Intuition is "Wrong" - Now What? Part I

We've all had it happen - we get what we believe is a flash of intuitive information, act on it, and then watch it all "go south." What happened? Why did our intuition steer us wrong? It puts us in a funk - our trust in our inner voice is shaken - we search internally for an answer...but what's really going on here?

I've put together some ideas for how to deal with what we have perceived as our intuition being wrong that I'd like to share with you.

First and foremost, you must believe you have intuition – I was surprised to find out that I was intuitive, because for the longest time I thought I wasn’t. In the beginning, every time I tried to use my intuition and it didn’t work, my “intuition” disappointed me. You have to believe you have intuition because you do. Without your belief, you’ll never be open enough discover and then access your intuition. Bottom line, if you don't trust yourself, then you will judge yourself, which is a circular process of distrust and then blame. Not good!

Next, you have to be ready to forgive yourself – Forgive yourself, or perhaps more, forgive your intuition for not being clear! It’s not that your intuition isn’t working and it’s not that you aren't intuitive. You just aren’t familiar yet with how your intuition sounds or feels. Or you may be good with intuition, but it isn’t working for you just at this moment - there are lots of things that block our intuition, such as stress, financial worries, being surrounded by negative people or situations, and health challenges. So you may need to give it a rest. So forgive yourself and try again later.

Whatever you do, stop comparing yourself! – One of the greatest barriers to improving your intuition is comparing yourself to others and their stories of amazing intuitive messages they’ve experienced. The media (TV and movies) doesn’t help because it dramatizes how intuition works as if it were magic or something that only famous psychics can do. When your mind wants to compare you to others, it is actually your Ego raising its head and making a judgment. Ego is the intuition killer. Remember that everyone has intuition - we're born with it. It's sometimes a challenge to develop and enhance it but it is do-able, be patient. Your intuition will improve at YOUR own pace and when YOU can handle it. Comparing yourself to anyone else just doesn't work!

I'll let you think about these ideas. Are you doing any of them? (Is there anyone who doesn't compare themselves to others? Even I do that!) Well, stop blaming yourself! Developing your intuition is a learning process...we are learning to read our own internal signs and symbols, thoughts vs. intuitive information, and to turn off the "bully brain" and let our intuition flow. It takes time to sort it all out!

Stay tuned for Part II to learn some other ways to get back on track when you feel your intuition was "wrong." I look forward to seeing you then!


Dr. Carol Pollio

Director, Intuitive Investigations®

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