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What Type of Intuitive (or Psychic) Are You?

We often talk about being intuitive as if there’s just one type of ability. But if parapsychology has shown us anything, it’s that psi abilities cannot be tested or determined using one method. Each of us has unique, sometimes overlapping abilities.

According to Sherrie Dillard, there are 4 psychic “types.” As you read each description below, consider whether those traits or experiences apply to you. For a detailed quiz to determine which type is your most prevalent, check out Dillard’s books on this topic.



You’re an Emotional intuitive if you easily pick up on others’ feelings, get a sense of the emotions of another just by being near them, or feel their pain or despair.

You love to help others and sincerely want other people to be happy. You can also become overwhelmed fairly easily and sometimes want to get “a feel for” something before you jump in with both feet.


A Mental intuitive tends to overthink everything. You’re very busy, both physically and in your mind. You like to debate ideas, focusing on facts and logic to prove your points.

You love to solve problems and puzzles – anything that challenges the mind. Mental psychics also like to connect with people and talk out a problem first, before making a decision.


The Physical intuitive likes to stay grounded by being in nature or around animals. You will enjoy walking barefoot in the sand or pursuing other sensory experiences. You get “gut” feelings about people and situations and may feel others’ aches and pains in your body.

You may like to use physical objects to help you feel better, such as books, crystals, or pictures. You enjoy routines and rituals but also are fascinated by magic and mystery!


Spiritual intuitives are quite rare. If you fall into this category, you can tune into others’ vibrations and can often feel the presence of spirits or angels.

You may have difficulty staying grounded, finding it necessary to frequently center yourself. You likely have had vivid dreams and can be prone to addictions as a form of escapism. Highly sensitive to energy, you may find yourself working as an energy healer or a medical or psychic medium.

So which one of these psychic types speaks to you? Do you fit into one type or more than one? Many of us discover that we are more than one type - that's o.k. I have also found in teaching intuition over the years that when you practice with one type, your primary one, all of the other abilities you might have improve. That means we can learn to open to other forms of information and guidance as we work on our personal and spiritual development. How cool is that?

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Dillard, S. (2008). Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition. Llewellyn Publications. 288 pp.

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