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Is Your Intuition Blocked?

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I think we've all had a time or experience where we really wanted our intuition to kick in and give us guidance, but it seemed like no one was listening. Spirit is with us all the time, however, there are some reasons that we might feel blocked or like we're just not getting any guidance at all.

I can give an example of when, no matter which question or concern I was seeking guidance for, I received an answer to a different question. This can happen when our energy is needed in one area of our lives, but we ignore it and try to shift our energy to other areas. In my case, I wanted to start an Intuition Circle. Yet, I had other questions that I was asking of get guidance on other areas of my life...and the only answers I could get were about starting my Intuition Circle. What I learned from this is that when we ignore guidance that's very specific and pushing us in a particular direction, Spirit has a way of reinforcing that message over and over again. So sometimes what we think of as a block is actually Spirit trying to reaffirm for us what path we should be on. The bottom line was that I needed to start my Intuition Circles at that time, and I resisted. I eventually did start the Circle but it took a lot of pushing from Spirit for me to start something completely new in an area where I didn't know a lot of people. My hesitancy created a block of sorts, where no matter what I asked about I just kept being told to move ahead with that one project. Eventually, I got the message!

Right now, we're in a time that's unlike any other time we've probably experienced -- we are spending most of our time at home. Things we had hoped to get underway are on hold. This may create a situation where we don't feel like we're getting any guidance from Spirit. That is because those things we put on hold may be things that are very important in our lives and that Spirit wants us to pursue. So we should revisit about anything we've put on hold and consider whether it was really the right choice for us, maybe we should continue pursuing what we had set out to originally and that will help clear our intuition from being blocked.

Another way our intuition might be blocked is if we're trying too hard to force guidance from Spirit. We may have a lot going on. Perhaps we are coming from a place of fear or we are very anxious. We can't demand guidance. Our intuition is subtle, as I've said before, it whispers while fear and anxiety shout. So we have to refrain from asking the same question of Spirit over and over again hoping for a different answer. Coming from a place of fear or anxiety will result in getting an answer from our fearful selves that really isn't the answer that we were hoping for from Spirit. We may get a, “Yes, full steam ahead,” when what we needed to hear is, “Take it slow.”

One thing to remember is that our personal connection to guidance or to Spirit is just that -- personal. If we try to access guidance using an ability that we're really not comfortable with or that is not our primary ability, we can definitely feel blocked. For example, if you want to try automatic writing that's a great skill to have, but if it isn't your strong suit, then you may not get any guidance at all using that method until you get more experienced with it. Likewise, if you're hoping for a sign or a symbol as a response from Spirit, and being Clairvoyant or visual in your ability isn't your primary skill, then you may not see anything that is a message from Spirit. To change this, focus on the ability that you experience or that you use most often, for example, many people are empaths. Empaths receive information as feelings or emotions. If that is your strong suit, then that is the method you should use. This may help you unblock your connection to Spirit, because you're more comfortable using your own ability -- it’s much easier to get into the ‘flow.’

And lastly, sometimes we just get ahead of ourselves. We may be trying to move forward on Step 2 when we haven't completed Step one. We all have a life path that we are on and Spirit has our highest good in mind. Even though we may want to jump to Step 2, 3, or 4 and get where we want to go, Spirit wants us to go through a process, to learn from each step so that we're prepared to reach our destination. When we skip steps, we may feel blocked in our intuition because we're ahead of ourselves and we need to make sure that what we're doing and where we are is exactly where we should be. I gave the example earlier of starting my Intuition Circles. One of the problems that kept giving me pause was that I didn't know a lot of people and I kept asking myself, “Who will come?? The problem was that until I announced the Circle, there wouldn't be anyone that could just wasn't available for people to sign up. So I found myself in this loop of I want to hold a Circle but who will come -- and so I didn't announce the Circle meeting. You can see how jumping to Step 2, which is who will come, created a problem for me because I had to take the first Step to get the word out so that people could find the Circle announcement and sign up for it. It's just one of the ways we sometimes get sidetracked and don't think through the steps along our journey. There is value in doing each of the steps in the order Spirit guides us or wants us to take.

So have you felt stuck in your intuitive development? Does it feel sometimes like you're getting no guidance at all? I think we've all been there. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at the areas where we're hoping for guidance as I did in the examples above and see where perhaps we're going wrong...or at least where we may be off course from where Spirit intends for us to go.

In summary, here are some times you might feel your intuition is blocked:

  1. You aren’t responding to or taking action on guidance you’ve received previously, so it is repeated for any new question or situation for which you need or want guidance.

  2. Our lives are paused for one reason or another and, as a result, we’ve put actions on hold that we really should continue to work on, ones that Spirit expects us to continue to pursue.

  3. Forcing guidance because of anxiety or fear. Fear shouts, intuition whispers. When we come from a place of fear, we often receive guidance that is fear-based (or none at all), and therefore not helpful.

  4. Trying to rely on a gift or ability that is not our primary or most reliable one. If your strong suit is feelings or emotions, trying to receive guidance through visual symbols or signs may be frustrating or feel like a block.

  5. Getting ahead of ourselves. There are steps, and within those steps lessons, that are part of our spiritual path. There are no short-cuts. If we jump ahead to Step 2, or 3, or 4, we likely have missed something important we needed to learn from Step 1.

I hope you found this list helpful. Remember, we all experience times when we feel disconnected or blocked from Source or Spirit. Hopefully now you can see some ways to examine why this is happening and take steps to reopen or clear the “channel” and start receiving guidance again.

Thanks for listening!

Carol Pollio

Dr. Carol Pollio

Director, Intuitive Investigations®

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