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7 Things Our Deceased Loved Ones Want Us to Know (Especially During the Holidays)

The holidays are often difficult for those of us who have lost someone close to us. I know the pain of losing someone at this time, personally, so I understand how hard it is to be surrounded by others that have not. But as a spirit communicator, it’s important that I share with you the most common messages our loved ones want us to hear and understand about the afterlife.

1. Our Loved Ones Are Still With Us

That passing scent of your mother’s perfume or grandad’s pipe are real – these are their ways of making their presence known. Perhaps you feel comforted in a way you can’t explain or think of them unexpectedly. These are all ways they can let us know that we are not going forward in this life without them.

2. Yes, They Can See and Hear Us

Our spirit family certainly can see and hear us as we go about our daily lives. They are aware of all of the good things happening in your life and your challenges and are there to help if you just ask.

Speak to each one directly – you will find that you can get a sense of them individually and begin to differentiate in your thoughts exactly which of them is offering you comfort or advice. Give it a try!

3. They Can Visit Us, Even If They Have Crossed Over

Some people believe that only earthbound spirits (what we call ghosts) can interact with the living, but those that have crossed over are also able to come back to visit us and some remain with us as a type of spirit guide.

You may feel them around you, sense or smell their presence, or speak with them in a lucid dream. It’s a great comfort knowing that they’re here with us!

4. We Can't Lie to Them

I recently worked with a woman whose high school sweetheart had passed on, but not crossed over. She wanted him to move on, but inside, she really liked feeling his spirit around her. It wasn’t until she was able to reconcile her own conflicting feelings about him that he was able to cross over.

This was because his spirit sensed her inner desire to hold onto him and that is why he had stayed on to comfort and protect her. The spirit world communicates via telepathy, which means our inner thoughts and feelings are what they understand –they aren’t fooled by our words or wishful thinking!

5.They Can Appear to Us Any Way They Wish

Several times now, I have seen spirits appear as children when the person had passed on as an adult. If you close your eyes right now and think about how you see yourself, what do you see? You look good, right? (Hair done, makeup on, dressed well, no wrinkles?)

Spirits present themselves at their best – just as you would imagine yourself ‘looking good,’ so do they!

6. Sometimes, They Can "Prank" Us

Just as they did in life, our passed on loved ones may have a sense of humor. Hiding your keys, moving a favorite picture or object, or messing with electronic devices are common tricks that let you know they’re around.

I met a woman recently whose grandmother had passed on when she was a teenager and her “spirit” grandmother has been hiding this woman’s car keys in the refrigerator ever since!

7. They Honestly Aren't Trying to Scare Us

It can be unnerving to find objects have moved from one place to another or to have a lucid dream of a recently passed loved one, but these acts aren’t meant to scare or harm you. It’s simply their way of getting your attention and letting you know they’re around you.

Sometimes the item they choose to move or hide gives you a hint as to which one of your loved ones might be behind it – so pay attention when it happens!

Even though missing someone you love is difficult during this time of year, many of us take comfort in knowing that our loved ones are still around us. I urge you to talk to them – call them out by name and ask for their help and guidance. When you do, you may be surprised that you really do feel their presence and begin to see the ways they are helping you every day.

Do you feel the presence of a loved one around you? Have you ever felt comforted by a dream appearance of a loved one? I hope their presence brings you comfort!

Happy Holidays!


Dr. Carol Pollio

Director, Intuitive Investigations

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