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Choosing the Best Psychic Medium for Paranormal Investigations

Psychic medium image via Pixabay

Often when we are doing an investigation, there comes a time when we would like to use the abilities of a Psychic or Medium to complement our findings. In some cases, it might be to verify what we've already collected as evidence, such as EVPs or Spirit box responses. In other cases, we may not be finding a lot of evidence, yet reported paranormal experiences in a given location are significant and/ or believable and confirmation may be helpful to further direct the investigation.

Here, I will present some considerations in selecting a Psychic or Medium to best support your paranormal work. First, though, for some definitions of terms used:

Psychic - someone that has abilities that may include telepathy, clairvoyance (clear seeing or visions), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), etc. A Psychic may or may not communicate with Spirit, but may be able to sense or read energy, which is also helpful in investigating the paranormal, especially in sorting out residual hauntings vs. active haunting situations.

Medium - someone that has the ability to communicate with Spirit. One caution is that some Mediums do NOT communicate with earthbound spirits, only those that have crossed over, so it is important to understand this distinction and confirm which you need. Typically, a Medium that communicates with earthbound spirits is needed for paranormal investigations. Mediums typically are not psychic, although they can be, and some Psychics are not practicing Mediums. Both can be helpful, but not in every situation.

"Sensitives" - people that claim to be "sensitive" may be sensitive to energy or emotions (empaths) or have other sensitivities. The challenge is typically that these individuals may not have developed these abilities to the level needed for investigations. Feeling energy or emotions during an investigation may not be all that helpful without the ability to confirm what those things mean in terms of who or what might be causing paranormal activity. Anyone presenting themselves as a "Sensitive" might be helpful, but also might mislead the investigation if they are not experienced with their abilities or can only speak in generalities about what they are experiencing.

All that said, here is my list of the best qualities to look for when looking for a Psychic or Medium to assist in your investigations:

1. Are confident, but not too egotistical (no Divas!). Ego has no place in an investigation. The best person is the one that is able to work as part of the team, not one that feels this is a place for showmanship or ego.

2. Have a good sense of humor, including about themselves (able to admit mistakes). No matter how great their abilities, sometimes a Psychic or Medium can just be wrong, just as sometimes the conclusions we make about an investigation are wrong - we are all human! Having a sense of humor about it is essential!

3. Have excellent people skills. We all want to work with people that get along with the team and with our clients.

4. Put the client first. The primary purpose of taking on clients is to help them resolve their hauntings. A great Psychic or Medium knows how to work effectively with people that are experiencing extreme fear or stress. We definitely don't need someone that jumps to the conclusion every time that they're sensing a demon (as an example) and scares every client they encounter!

5. Are willing to have someone question their perceptions or conclusions. Being open to all possibilities is essential on an investigation and anyone you're considering adding to the team should be flexible and open to other ideas and also willing to ask and be asked questions or challenges to them.

6. Are willing to learn from others. We are all learning - even the most experienced investigators find unique situations now and then. We need to have people with a positive attitude that are willing to learn not only what we do, but also to be prepared for the unexpected.

7. Don’t force their beliefs on others. This is especially important if your group investigates for clients. None of us needs to be lectured on the "right" belief system to have - it's just not helpful during an investigation.

8. Don’t claim to be 100% right. No one is 100% right and such a claim should be an immediate red flag. If you follow famous Psychics or Mediums, you know that they're just as human as the rest of us and make mistakes, too. Too much ego is not at all helpful to your investigation.

9. Have other interests in addition to being a psychic. The best Psychic or Medium has other interests and pursuits in life. This usually makes them more grounded in reality and that can make them easier to work with and better able to understand the challenges of working with clients and the public.

10. Don’t set expectations too high when you ask a Psychic or Medium to assist you. Sometimes impressions are going to be incomplete, even with the best, most talented Psychic or Medium. Refer back to #8 - not everyone gets a 100% connection all of the time.

11. Are naturally curious. This is icing on the cake! We are all in the business of looking for practical answers first and paranormal answers second, but sometimes we find out things we don't expect to find. Having one more people on the team that is open to alternative explanations can only be good.

Well, that's my list. Did these characteristics resonate with you? What's on your list of "must haves" for paranormal team members? Have you had experiences with using Psychics or Mediums on investigations? I'm curious how it's worked out for you!

As always, be safe out there!


Dr. Carol Pollio

Director, Intuitive Investigations®

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