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What is an Egregore?

Are our thoughts energy? Many people, including some physicists, believe this to be true. Recently, while watching a paranormal TV show, I heard the term "egregore" for the first time and it piqued me interest. After some research, I thought I would share it with you, because I think it's something that may be happening fairly commonly in paranormal investigations.

The term egregore comes from the French égrégore (from ancient Greek egré goros ‘wakeful’), it is a concept about a distinct non-physical entity that arises from a collective group of people. In other words, people can conduct a ritual or a practice to cause a non-physical entity to appear. Today, this concept refers to a thoughtform or a psychic manifestation, when a group of people share the same thought, they are able to influence everyone in a group to use that thought energy, that thoughtform, to create an energetic being like a Spirit (aka a ghost). It is certainly much more complex than this, but you get the idea. A group’s common thought or desire creates energy, which in turn can manifest as the subject of their thought or desire.

The way that this might happen in paranormal investigation, is that there may be a legend or a history in an old house of Spirit activity or what people believe to be Spirit activity. Paranormal groups go in to investigate and because they suspect that a particular spirit will be present, they may focus their energy as a group on finding, speaking to, or recording that entity or spirit. For example, if you go to a house where a previous paranormal group has identified “Petey” as a spirit that is in a particular room, your group will expend a great deal of energy to talk to Petey and try to record the Spirit in that location. If enough groups do the same, there is the potential for that thought-energy that has been expended in the pursuit of Petey to actually create an energetic entity that will respond to your equipment and respond to the name Petey.

Think about the ramifications of that! Is it possible that in some locations, we have generated enough energy from this “group-think” that we have created egregores? That the energy (entity) we are conversing with and recording is simply an energetic force we created? It’s fascinating to think that this is possible (and likely).

A few years ago, I was a member of a paranormal investigation group that did quite a few investigations in historic structures. One of the members would spend a great deal of time, several hours in fact, trying to get a specific historical figure to respond to their inquiries. What this meant is hours of Spirit Box work recording the same question, ‘is John Joseph here?’ (for example). At the time, I thought a lot about this and wondered how much of this effort might be creating a response from the Spirit Box. If you've used a Spirit Box, you know that you can often hear drop-in Spirits or other entities that are not typically found in that location speaking through the Spirit Box. So, was the Investigator that continued their investigation for hours in one location, asking the same question repeatedly, creating a Spirit response because he or she expended so much energy into it? In my mind, it follows that he or she would have eventually gotten the answer that that entity was there, whether they were there or not.

So this is what concerns me about our paranormal investigations, particularly in places where a lot of investigation has happened in the past. Is it possible that we may have inadvertently created the energies that we were hoping to communicate with in those locations? In other words, if you expect Mrs. Quincy Adams to be present, is it really her or is it an egregore that previous groups of investigators have created? It's a little bit mind-blowing, if you ask me.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think that we are creating a lot of egregores as we do our work? I think it's really interesting food for thought and definitely will influence how and where I investigate in the future!



Director, Intuitive Investigations®


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A 1987 article by Gaetan Delaforge in Gnosis magazine defines an egregore as a kind of group mind that is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose.


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