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Orbs, Schmorbs-the Sequel

Hello, Paranormal Fans!

I know in the past I have posted orb photos and admit that sometimes there are lens flares, flash images, and other anomalies that can cause them. But recently, I went on an investigation at a private residence that has me I'll ask your thoughts!

It was nearly 6 p.m. on a mid-September evening. Completely overcast and also completely still. I was parked on the street and a car pulled in front of me and parked. As I sat there (for an hour waiting for the investigation team), I noticed an old man's face clearly visible in the passenger side windshield. He had grey/white hair, dark glasses, and a heavy moustache and perhaps a beard. The image was in the leaves and clouds reflecting from the windshield. I watched this for nearly an hour, first, thinking I was losing it. Then, wondering why it was so very still that a single leaf had not moved and changed this image.

As a last resort, I thought to take a few pictures with my phone and see if the face would still be there. Once back home, I searched those 2 photos quite a few times looking for that face...and nothing. It isn't visible. But then, quite by accident, I noticed the obvious orbs in the images. I guess I was too focused on the windshield to notice them. (Imagine that!)

If you look at them, quite a few are in motion toward the left of the frame, where the house to be investigated is located. Some background information is that the resident split her father's ashes and buried part of them in a container in the yard to protect herself...from what exactly I'm not sure (data review is still underway, but I may know more soon). Honestly, now that I've seen a photo of her father, that image in the windshield looked just like him.

In any event, the photo is below. What do you think? I don't think this is dust and there was no flash triggered when I took the photo. Also of interest are the two shafts of light that can be seen in the photo.

This is photo #2. Photo #1 had about 4 orbs, but none as pronounced and directional as these. I can't wait for the EVPs and other evidence to be done with review!

Dr. Carol Pollio

Lead Investigator

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