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Henry, is that you? Results of an Impromptu Paranormal Investigation!

The Cannonball House

As I continue to explore haunted sites in the State of Delaware, one site that often stands out as notable is the Cannonball House in Lewes, Delaware. An impromptu paranormal investigation there led to some intriguing results!

I discovered anomalies in electromagnetic fields in at least 3 areas in the building. When these EMF readings also coincided with an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), then this was great evidence of spirit presence. In this case, the EVP was a response to "Can you tell me your name?" and I was visually able to see on the recording device that a loud sound was recorded, but no sound was heard by my ears. The response was "Henry."

This is a critical 'capture', because Mr. Henry McCracken was raised in this house and the house was given to him by his father to become his primary residence. Captain Henry F. McCracken (1791-1868) was a pilot, a militia member for Lewistown (now Lewes), and at the age of 70, the Keeper at the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse. Captain Henry was also notable in that he so loved the sea that he was buried with his anchor with the fluke protruding from the ground (see photo).

Photo: Headstone of Henry F. McCracken, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Lewes, Delaware. Note the metal fluke of the anchor in the background. (Photo Credit: Russ Pickett)

In addition, the EVP was captured in the room that displays what remains of the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse. The ladder has been observed emitting an electromagnetic field using both a KII meter and a Mel meter. At the lighthouse ladder is where this EVP session took place. Directly across from the ladder is a display that lists all of the known keepers of the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, which includes Henry McCracken (1843-1844).


Photo: Cape Henlopen Lighthouse ladder on display in the Cannonball House, Lewes, Delaware. (Photo Credit: Dr. Carol Pollio, All rights reserved)

So the evidence is piling up, pointing to the possibility that the spirit of Henry McCracken is present or visits his old home. I certainly have felt the presence of spirit there on several occasions, but it's also great to have additional evidence to support those feelings. When we are able to suggest a possible identity of the spirit, then that is "a banner day" as they say!

I hope you enjoyed this brief summary of an 'on the fly' paranormal investigation!

Carol Pollio

Dr. Carol A. Pollio

Director and Lead Investigator

Biography: Dr. Pollio has worked and lived in national parks since 1977, when she began her career at Gateway National Recreation Area. Her first experience with spirit was at that park, sparking her interest in and belief of the paranormal. Now retired, she is finally able to tell the many paranormal stories she has experienced and been told first hand as an insider in this incredible organization. In addition to national park sites, she also explores historic sites and known-to-be-haunted sites in Delaware. Her own intuitive gift made itself known during her pre-teen years through a variety of experiences, including clairvoyance as primary, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Dr. Pollio put those experiences aside and chose instead to pursue a career in science, eventually obtaining her Ph.D. in Environmental Science and obtaining the rank of Captain (O-6) in the USCG Reserve. Dr. Pollio also served as a Professor in academia for more than 20 years. She now chooses to write about, investigate, and help others using her inherent psychic abilities. She currently is the Director of Intuitive Investigations, LLC, a paranormal investigation and spirit rescue organization serving Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. She currently lives in Milford, Delaware.

Disclaimer: Historic sites are typically private property. This series does not approve nor give permission to anyone to enter private property without any required permits or permissions. It is not this author’s intent to encourage unprofessional or unethical behavior on these sites or to suggest visiting them in any other manner than by legal and ethical means.

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