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7 Signs You Have a Poltergeist!

Most everyone has heard the term “poltergeist” or “noisy ghost”. But did you know that this word has different uses, depending on whether you are in the U.S. or abroad? That’s right! A poltergeist in the U.S., according to parapsychologists, is caused by a person, called an “agent,” while the same activity in other parts of the world includes not only human activity, but also that of ghosts or spirits.

In both cases, poltergeist activity often involves slamming doors, movement of objects, rapping or knocking, movement or shaking of furniture, and items, especially pictures, falling off walls. So how do you tell if you have human or spirit-caused poltergeist activity?

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Carol Pollio

Dr. Carol A. Pollio


Intuitive Investigations

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