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6 Practical (and Fun) Ways to Practice Your Psychic (Psi) Abilities

There are lots of articles that tell us that we’re all born with psychic abilities, which parapsychologists call “psi”. Much more scarce are suggestions for how to practice and improve those skills, especially practical exercises that can help you increase your “second sight” or intuition.

The challenge is that psi is a form of telepathy, and typically, practicing telepathy takes two people – a sender and a receiver. Certainly that’s true most of the time, but below I’ve provided a few additional options that might help you further develop your intuitive abilities with others or on your own!

Call a Friend - One great way to practice is to enlist a friend, someone you are close to, to help you. Choose one of you to be the sender and the other the receiver. The sender then stops at different times of the day and concentrates on sending the receiver a message using their thoughts. The sender should be as specific as they can, such as thinking, “Call me now” or “I’d like to get together tonight.” Ask the receiver to note any time that they have a strong thought of you, either by calling or texting you or simply by noting the time and getting back with you later.

Watch the News - This is one of my favorites. The news is full of opportunities to practice your psychic abilities. Look for an issue that might be resolved soon - sometimes it might be an election, a manhunt, or even a missing pet or person - or one that has been recently solved. I like to use the online news, too, but only read the headline, not the story. Quietly sit and concentrate on the outcome of the story - who will win the election, where or how the pet or person will be found, what new clue or resolution was discovered, etc. Write down your impressions (whatever comes to mind) and the date. For example, I used a recent missing pet story, envisioned a local bridge (I even drew the outline of the bridge, which was unique) and soon learned that the pet was found right near there. The challenge with this method is you may end up with some unsolved cases and never know if you were right, but the process is excellent for flexing your psi muscles!

Try Psychometry - Psychometry is reading an item’s energy or history simply by holding or touching it. The challenge is using items that you aren’t familiar with, but whose history is known, so this exercise requires a partner to select the object. Once you have an object (piece of jewelry, clothing, tool, etc.), sit quietly and hold the item. Write down any thoughts or images that come to you, even if they don’t seem related. I have found that many people do really well with psychometry, but the trick is having someone that knows the object and its history really well.

Use Divination Tools - Sometimes controversial, the use of divination tools, such as pendulums, tarot or oracle cards, dowsing rods, etc., can be helpful in learning to trust that your thoughts are actually intuitive information. I have found that these tools help distract my logical or left brain momentarily, allowing the creative or right brain to be more open to information. I tend to “hear” much more intuitively if I am able to focus in this way.

Visualize the Day Ahead - Another solo way to practice your abilities is to focus your thoughts on the day ahead. Who will you see? What will you be doing at a certain time? What might you see visually on your way to or from work? On a walk? Quietly visualize these things and write them down. An orange Porsche? A large white dog? Something else unusual? At the end of the day, review the list and note if you hit on any of them during the day.

Visit historic sites that are known to be haunted - Sites where history was made, yet spirits linger are great places to test your awareness of spirit. The spirits are typically well adjusted (not angry or negative) and you have a better chance of feeling or sensing them, which increases your abilities over time. It’s also interesting and educational...and no one but you really need to know why you’re there. You get to enjoy a day at an historic plantation and improve your psi abilities at the same time!

There are definitely many more ways to practice with your intuition that I haven’t mentioned here, but these will definitely get you started!

Carol Pollio

Dr. Carol Pollio

Director, Intuitive Investigations

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