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6 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Psychic or Intuitive Development

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy! We read books and articles on developing our psi abilities, but struggle to make progress. Why is that?

Often, we sabotage our psychic or intuitive development in a number of ways. Here are some ways you might be slowing down or de-railing your own development:

Not asking for help from your guides. When it comes to psychic development, you can’t go it alone. According to Roxburgh and Roe (2014), 100% of psychic mediums they studied shared that they were communicating with external “Spirit Guides.” This means that until you ask for assistance from your spirit guides or angels, you may find some success, but are limiting yourself to information within you, rather than reaching out into higher consciousness. Not being open to all forms of intuitive or psychic messages. Messages come in many forms, internal and external to us. Most of us are familiar with internal messages, such as hearing words, seeing images or symbols, or sensing a presence or emotion). External messages come in many forms, including as animal messengers, finding a series of feathers or coins, seeing a billboard, hearing a song on the radio, opening a book to just the right page that answers a problem you’re having, or through dreams or in waking/falling asleep moments. Being aware of the many ways you can receive psychic or intuitive information can vastly improve your development, simply because these messages are coming to us constantly. If we are waiting for the most obvious input only, we will certainly miss out on most of the information we’re receiving every day. Not writing down what you receive. Even though you’ve heard so much about keeping a journal of your experiences, you haven’t done it. Writing down the information, insights, and flashes of knowledge you receive is an essential part of validation. Tracking validation builds confidence and leads to greater understanding of how your own abilities work. It’s also very important if you receive words or symbols, because you may not recognize their meanings immediately. When you can go back to your journal and “check off” the intuitive or psychic hits as validated, you can actually see the progress you are making! Not practicing correctly. Learning to meditate is a great skill and certainly worth the effort, but it is not a psychic development exercise! Valuable exercises allow you to practice by using a specific process or method. It’s a lot like reading an assembly manual - there are specific steps to the intuition process that make it become automatic. Not practicing every day. Practicing your abilities throughout your day, every day, is how we are able to learn to trust it. Next time you are getting ready for work or to go out of the house, think about what you will see that day, who you might meet, how traffic will be, or what a co-worker or friend will be wearing. Playing these kinds of “mind games” with yourself is just one of many ways to integrate practice into your life endless times each day. Asking these types of questions flexes your “intuition muscles” just as exercising at the gym works your physical muscles. Not being part of an Intuition or Psychic Circle. Finding a group of people that are interested in psychic or intuitive development is one of the best ways to keep your development on track. It’s one thing to practice by yourself, but incredibly more effective when you have others to work with and can do so in a “safe” environment; one where you are free from judgment or criticism. I call this my “tribe” - like-minded individuals that all want to improve their abilities. Find a circle locally or online - or start one yourself! You will be amazed at your progress, make some new friends, and have fun, too.

I hold 3 Intuition Circles every month - in Salisbury, MD, Rehoboth Beach, DE, and Milton, DE. You're welcome to join us at any time. Just check the "Upcoming Events" tab to find out the details! Thanks for coming to my page and checking out my blog!


Carol Pollio

Carol A. Pollio, Ph.D.


Intuitive Investigations®

References: K., Lisa (2017) Intuition on Demand: A step-by-step guide to powerful intuition you can trust. Findhorn Press. Kindle Edition.

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