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5 Great Opportunities to Clear Your Home (and Yourself) of Negative Energy Over the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to clear your home (and yourself) of negative energy!

Many of us are familiar with smudging – burning white sage leaves or bundles to clear the air of negative energy. But as an Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, I have learned that there are some other ways to add to your clearing ritual to increase its effectiveness. The first is to add sound to your clearing ceremony. This can be as simple as using a small bell or drum while you smudge. Even easier is to simply clap your hands as you clear each room – loud sound breaks up heavy or negative energy very effectively. You should also always add an intention or prayer to your smudging practice. The words aren’t as important as the intention – that all negative energy be released and replaced with positive energy, love, joy, and harmony. Finally, you can use your clearings strategically over the holidays to keep your home (and you) feeling incredible! Here are some ways to clear negative energy:

1. Before company arrives. If you’re expecting company during the holidays, this is a great time to clear out any negative energy that has accumulated in your home. I typically perform a clearing ceremony at least once a month, but definitely do a special clearing before company arrives.

2. After shopping or being around crowds. Don’t forget to clear yourself (not just your home), especially after all that stressful shopping and being around lots of other people. I like to use sage or palo santo as well as a turkey feather to clear myself. You might also want to start your personal clearing ceremony by putting 3 drops of an essential oil like pine, lemon, or rosemary into the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together, and then inhaling them. I do this both before and after I clear myself. Essential oils definitely increase the effectiveness of clearing negative energy!

3. After your company leaves. Yes, you absolutely want to clear your home after your company has left! Even if you greatly enjoyed their visit, the energy in your home is affected by all of your visitors’ energies. And, if you’ve had to deal with toxic family members or other energy vampires, a self-clearing at the same time is essential!

4. After new items have been added to your home. Something to keep in mind is that we don’t always know the source of our gifts, so this is another great opportunity to clear away any energy that is attached to them. This is especially true if you’ve received gifts from antique shops, resellers, or that have been passed down to you from family members.

5. On New Year’s Day. After all of the parties, shopping, after-holiday gift returns, and overindulgence, the best way I know of to start the new year is to do a full smudging and clearing ceremony for your home (and you, too!).

Now that you have some ideas about when and how to clear your home and yourself of negativity, do you plan on implementing a regular clearing practice?

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and love, peace, and joy for the new year!

Carol Pollio


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