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How Does "Intuitive Knowing" Work?

Welcome to June! This month, we're taking on the topic of Intuitive Knowing. Intuitive Knowing is that sudden feeling/knowledge about something, like when you "just know" something is right or that maybe someone you know needs you right away.

There are 3 aspects of intuitive knowing that I'd like to cover. Here we go!

1. It's sudden. Intuitive knowing comes as a pop or a flash of insight. You just know. This aspect makes it hard to explain if you have a partner or someone close you need to explain a decision to - the information is simply there, big and bold. Some even describe hearing a loud pop or voice when the information comes.

2. It never judges. There is no judgment or even any doubt when you experience intuitive knowing. There's no anxiety or fear, either. For example, you just know that this is the wrong doctor for you or you suddenly know which one is. I've been handed a list of specialists from which to choose and instantly saw just one name pop out of on the list. An example of judgment would be a thought like, "These doctors are stupid." That's your left brain judging the situation, not intuitive knowing!

3. You can learn to improve it. When we pay attention to intuitive knowing and then act accordingly, we not only build trust in it, but we also are training our brains that this is good information and that we want more of these moments. This is called the Science of Attention. What we focus on and tell ourselves is important tells the brain to be more open to it. In the metaphysical field, we call this "intention." In science, it has been proven time and time again that focusing our attention on an aspect of our health, for example, improves it. It's the basis of the placebo effect - that when we believe we are taking a pill that will improve our health, it improves, even if we're taking a sugar pill. When we put attention on our intuitive "hits," our brain learns to pay attention to that information, rather than dismiss it as a random thought.

Another way to improve our intuition is by using a process that I call the 5-Step Method. I've attached a chart of how it works, but the key to increasing intuitive knowing is Step 5 - practicing with your intuition as often as you can - even with everyday things, like asking yourself everyday questions: How many pieces of mail will come today? Where will the car in front of me turn off the road? What time will this meeting end? It's a method we use in every meeting.

I hope this month's lesson is helpful!

Enjoy the month!


5 Step Intuition Method
Download PDF • 63KB


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